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Midnight Doodle - Amber / Death

Posted 4 days ago

Drew RocktheJake’s Rock on Young Kara’s head this time.

(what am i doing with my life)

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Someone requested a hand tutorial, so I rambled. I didn’t even get to everything I would like to, so here is a part!

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Weekend doodles….

Had a YouTube playlist open playing background music from the Touhou games, and noticed they used some interesting character art. So for fun decided to reference a few of the poses and place them over my own characters. Most of them were 2-4 minute drawings since the song would switch out after that time. Also hands are hard, f*ck hands.

Drew mostly Amber, Dragon, Arcan, and Kara. Most of it is Amber cause she’s my fav aside from Red. >_>

Had a few more pages of drawings but they’re gawd awful. Enough that I actually managed to empty my pen. Anyhow, I’ll call it a successful weekend.

(and one quick image of Flandre from touhou 06, just cause)
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Digital Painting - Line Weight


Edit: That’s Matt Kohr speaking. I’m a creature with a female voice.

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crispytoad request drawing #2: Girlsquid

And yet another midnight…erm…1am drawing that will make me sleep in again. Least it feels better than doing nothing. Still a work in progress.

disclaimer: i know nothing about this anime.

(when was the last time i drew a dude character >_>)

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Crispytoad request drawing: Free Yuno?


I don’t get it.

Anyways, WOO, two midnight drawings in a row!

(one of the many reasons i keep waking up late for work >_< )

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Midnight doodle (Work in Progress)

Kanon - Ayu

Been working on this on and off again every few weeks for the past few months. Cant figure out dem trees back there. >_>

(and those freaky eyes)

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Very quick Midnight Doodle out of boredom.

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Morning bus, bored, drew a bit, ended up drawing a really…really rough sketch of Kara. It’s different, I kinda like it.

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Kill la Kill

Mako 2-Star Uniform

Posted 2 months ago

Recorded my Bird being dumb. CrispyToad added to it.

Posted 2 months ago

Found old photos on an old cd from my Advanced studio class back in university.

Posted 2 months ago

Midnight Doodle: W.I.P Update

Bored, decided to doodle on this a bit more.

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