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Very quick Midnight Doodle out of boredom.

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Morning bus, bored, drew a bit, ended up drawing a really…really rough sketch of Kara. It’s different, I kinda like it.

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Kill la Kill

Mako 2-Star Uniform

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Recorded my Bird being dumb. CrispyToad added to it.

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Found old photos on an old cd from my Advanced studio class back in university.

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Midnight Doodle: W.I.P Update

Bored, decided to doodle on this a bit more.

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Another groovy fuck-ton of (masculine) shoe references [part 2].

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Go Big or Go Home / DI CARTOON

This is the first animation I ever made, all the way back in the year of gr.9, and the reason I started being an animator. Started out as a group project for a school thing where we had to make a cartoon. So of course, I opened up powerpoint and started by moving pictures around slide by slide. Eventually someone told me to use flash istead…so asked a few teachers about it, borrowed a few books on how to learn FLASH MX!!!, took two weeks in the computer labs, learnt flash, and made this.

As a result, I learnt that I loved animating and just continued from there.

Had to edit the video up a bit from it’s original version for here. First off, i did not understand the concept of a stage way back when I made the original file. So naturally the exported video file went way beyond the boundaries of the window. So had to resize that.

Second off, there were single frame sections that read “movie”, which would have contained live action segments made by the other members of the team. Fun story, the video file got corrupted and was never used. We just had the team act out the scenes instead. The text “movie” was left where the video would have gone, so I changed it to “insert movie here” and stretched out the frames so people know there was meant to be something there rather than a quick flash on the screen.


Oh yeah, also, i dont have the orignal flash file anymore, only the swf export. So had to play around with it a bit to actually edit it properly.

It’s also about skateboarding…i have never skateboarded in my life…yay!

PS: I didn’t draw the characters, just moved them around.

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Unfinished Sonic Short - Animatic

That Damn Whale

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Sonic Does a Thing

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Created in my second year of university while i was learning 3ds Max. Had to model two rooms and have a camera go through them. So modeled my bed room and living room at the time, and had a guy walk around them to break shit!

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The Lighthouse

My project I completed for my advance studio class at university 3 years ago. I did not have enough time to finish it properly, so as a result only half of the story, or rather 1/3 of it was completed. Several scenes were cut out, especially the intro scene that would have taken place at the start. There’s also the scene missing between death being at the side of the bed then suddenly at the foot of the bed where he would have disappeared in a cloud of smoke and teleported over. As well as the fact that i didn’t have time to get any music ready for it.

Original Animatic here:

The big things i wanted to achieve with this project was being able to tell an emotional/sad story, but also to be able to do it without any dialog, just character movement. I also wanted to try and practise with hair and cloth modifiers on the characters, but that didn’t work out as well as i hoped.

As well, I wanted to try and write a story wirth a female character for the first time, so I created “Amber” (who at the time was just known as lighthouse girl. Took me 6 months to figure out a name for her). Tecnically “Kara the Witch/Fireangel” was my first female character i drew, but “Amber” was my first animated one i ever worked with.

Still planning on finishing this in its entirety one of these days.

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Old Man Dance!

For the dance party collab. Also several years ago.

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I guess i also never posted this.

11:25 - made as an easter egg for the knuckles brief collab a few years back